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2016-17 Buffalo Women’s Basketball Previews: Stephanie “Monday to Friday” Reid

Reid UB Cred

She’s the catalytic floor general that came out of nowhere a year and a half ago. Stephanie “Monday to Friday” Reid is in great position to lead the Bulls to back-to-back NCAA tournament appearances.

The Basics

Number: 1

Year: Junior

Position: Guard

Hometown: Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Height: 5-6

New to Buffalo?

You’re living under a rock if you think the answer is yes.

UB Career

Two seasons ago, Buffalo was struggling to find offensive consistency and the point guard spot was struggling. Stephanie Reid made the journey to America with her friend Courtney Wilkins midway through the season and almost instantly became the starting point guard for the Bulls. Despite playing for half the season, she had a team high of 65 assists, while also adding a solid 6.7 points and 2.7 rebounds a game to the table. One can argue that she was snubbed from the All-MAC Freshman team, but it was Reid’s leadership that pushed the Bulls to reach their first ever WNIT appearance.

Last season, her leadership on the court was just as valuable as she logged in the third most minutes in a single season as a Bull. She averaged 10.3 points, 5.1 assists, and 3.4 rebounds a game in a season that quickly turned into a fairy tale. As one of the youngest teams in the country, the Bulls slumped mid-season, but turned it around late as Reid and company stormed through the MAC Tournament with force. When they made it to the MAC Finals, Reid took the game winning shot in overtime to send the Bulls to their first-ever NCAA Tournament appearance.

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Not all nicknames are pun based, and not all nicknames are 140-character Twitter friendly. Not all nicknames are chaste. When a 5'6" freshman joins the Bulls midseason just weeks after graduating high school, within four games seizes control of the point guard position, goes on to play 28 minutes a night while scoring 7 points and dishing 3.5 assists, and electrifies an at times stagnant offense with supreme court vision, well, when that happens - I'm sure you can see where I'm going with this, it's so obvious - all I can think of is Samuel Jackson.

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2016-17 Outlook

Reid has the opportunity to solidify herself in history as one of the best point guards to ever play at UB this season. With respect to her numbers last year, it’s entirely possible that the point guard could break current UB assistant coach Ashley Zuber’s single season assist record. But, if she only simply matches her assist total from last season, she’ll still pass Zuber in career assists—which would rank Reid 5th all-time.

There’s no doubt that she’s starting this season, but we’ll see what kind of improvements she’ll have in the boxscore. With her already impressive offensive awareness and stifling defense, Bulls fans can only hope her shooting will improve. Regardless, her presence on the court will be one of the biggest keys to bringing another MAC Championship to Buffalo.