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2016-17 Buffalo Women’s Basketball Previews: Ayoleka Sodade

Coming out of high school, this player showed a high motor and an all around game. Although that wasn’t shown to a full extent last season, this may be a breakout year for Ayoleka Sodade.

The Basics

Number: 22

Year: Sophomore

Position: Guard

Hometown: Windsor, Ontario, Canada

Height: 5-9

New to Buffalo?


UB Career

As a freshman Sodade didn’t wow, but she did notch in some valuable bench minutes at times. It appears that there’s been a learning curve to the college game for this particular player after having impressive high school numbers (16.3 points, 7.8 rebounds, 4.2 assists, and 3.8 steals per game). Sodade definitely shows the framework of being an all-around player but the difficulty of playing against taller competition could suggest she’ll be a late bloomer in college hoops (i.e. UB alumnus Xavier Ford). On another note, one of her best games is also one of her most recent: A MAC semi-finals appearance in which he made the game winning basket over Akron.

Further Reading and Viewing:

There isn’t that many new things on Ayoleka from the past year so I’ll give you an oldie and her game by game log to look at:

Nike National Invitational Tournament(2014) Standouts

Fitting right in on her first foray onto the summer travel scene, Sodade’s stock is continuing to rise throughout the summer. Having next to no exposure before this summer, she is showing many what we’ve known of for quite some time. She is a Guard that is a strong, tough defender that can find ways to score. I would hope that the ability to complete around the basket with both hands would be something that she continues to refine in her skill building. Regardless, because of the way that she played this weekend, and how she has been flying under the radar, a school at the next level may be in line to land the hidden gem she is proving to be.

Ayoleka Sodade- Game Log

2016-17 Outlook

There are three players on this squad who I’ve been interested in what kind of role they’ll be taking this year. I’ve mentioned Gabi Bade being one of them in my interview with Coach Jack and Sodade is another one of them. Her defense is getting better, so the question will be if she has an offensive game to complement that this season? I could definitely see her being a swing player for the Bulls that give very meaningful bench minutes this season.