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Buffalo Bulls Women's Basketball hosts the Central Michigan Chippewas tonight

UB Athletics

0-1 lin conference after a loss to EMU, Women's Basketball starts their 2016 home slate tonight (right about now) against Central Michigan.

The Chips no longer boast Crystal Bradford, but do carry a six game winning streak against Buffalo,  a 3-1 record in their last four, and an offense averaging 73 points a game into this one.

Tinara Moore and Reyna Frost are the big names who will challenge UB, as CMU has gotten excellent rebounding from each this season. Offensively, the visitors have multiple weapons: nine have appeared in 10 or more games, eight of them scoring 5+, six scoring 7.8+ a night. This is in part due  to CMU drawing a ton of fouls and really discouraging teams from working down low (+4.8/g rebounding). Though they're not articularly strong anywhere else on defense, they do have a +7.1 point differential thanks to their hough powered offense.

The teams do have a common opponent in Duquesne, who topped CMU by nineteen.

Keys to the game

Run the offense. Don't settle for rushed or low-percentage shots.

Stay clean on defense. Mariah Suchan's rebounding acumen is a must but she's got to stay clean. Oursler's offensive contributions are a must but she's got to stay clean

Get something from Karin Moss. I generally think Moss' unreined stretches do more harm than good, but against a team that's won six straight against the Bulls her particular spark plug style could go a long way in shifting momentem.

Get Reid back on track.