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Buffalo Bulls Women's Basketball vs. Miami RedHawks Takeaways

UB Athletics

This loss was more frustrating than the Men's loss later in the afternoon. Women's Basketball is now in a four-game skid, playing worse in each game. We've got plenty to say from a mystifying loss to the now 2-5 (MAC) RedHawks.

Matt's Takes

1. Rotation

We had this conversation a bit pregame, and we have more questions now. 18 games in the season, does UB have a clear first forward and first guard off the bench? Not that such a strict paradigm is necessary, but it feels more and more like game to game and even quarter to quarter there's little nothing in the way of go-to combinations that will engender success. I hope Ayoleka Sodade has been lighting it up in practice, because if not, the decision to start her off 13 (admittedly very strong) minutes Tuesday is mystifying.

UB went ten deep in the first quarter, and then two players who didn't see any time in the first played in the second, while four who did play in the first sat for the whole second.

NINE players yesterday played less than twenty minutes. Two more didn't get above 25. There's no chemistry - only 8 assists - and rotation strategies like this won't help. Miami committed 29 turnovers, from beginning to end, and UB couldn't take advantage in part because no one could get into a rhythm. The only rhythm was Miami committing 29 turnovers.

I will concede that Mariah Suchan didn't play after the first quarter, so perhaps that's due to injury. Still.

2. How long is Joanna Smith's leash?

Even if she's heads and tails UB's best scorer - and I do think it has been clear for a while now that no one else, save Gabi Bade (who unfortunately can commit a lot of fouls quickly) can create their own shot from the perimeter - she started yesterday's game 1-7 from the floor and finished with another 1-7 stretch for a 6-24 performance for the game.

Everyone has been inconsistent this season, but at 1-7 in just one quarter, maybe it's worth poking around for someone else. UB seems to not even look for the hot hand.

3. "Missed Layup"

20 of them in the play by play feed, and few of them looked good out of the hand, only to be missed from a rough bounce. These were ugly, ugly shots, almost like players panicked with the ball in their hands.

4. Outrebounded 36-48

That's after a -9 differential against WMU.

5. 18-21 from the line

Credit where credit is due, that's a good number, and it came mostly from Steph Reid and Smith putting themselves in positions to draw fouls.