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Buffalo Bulls Women's Basketball vs Akron Zips Preview

UB Athletics

Fresh off a narrow loss to one high-scoring MAC team and their star, the Buffalo women get another dangerous team this afternoon in Akron in the first half of a Women's/Men's doubleheader. Though Sina King has graduated, the Zips have a pair of players who can really pour it in in Hannah Plybon and Anita Brown.

The Zips score 72 points per game, but are only 8-7 on the year, and that includes a 66-point win over sub-D-I Rochester College. The two squads do, however, already have four opponents in common, to mixed results. Each team beat Clarion by roughly 30 in exhibitions, and UB topped CMU while the Zips fell by 20.

On the flip side, Akron managed a narrow win over EMU, who beat the Bulls easily, and handled Central Florida without too much trouble, while UB gutted out a closer, come-from-behind win.

Much like Ball State, the story with Akron is in their individual stars. Brown averages upwards of 20 points a game and Plybon above 15, though all of the Zips' offensive stats are skewed a bit by the squad averaging 73 possessions a game. UB will need to make the most out of their possessions, lest a close game become a yawning gap quickly.

UB Keys to the Game

Keep the offense moving

Buffalo gave Ball State a fight in part thanks to 35 first-half points. More of that would be good.

Get the post game involved again

Between fouls against Kent State and whatever against Ball State, it's been a while.

Take advantage of size

Akron's six-footers are all underclassmen, and there's only three of them. Buffalo should have a size advantage whenever they want it.

Let Stephanie Reid score more points??

A man can dream.