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Buffalo Bulls Women's Basketball Recap: Women's Team Falls to Hofstra in Crushing 79-36 Loss

UB Athletics

Coming into their game against Hofstra, the women's basketball team was 6-0. This is a great thing but during last night's game against Hofstra, they didn't look like they were 6-0. The team would eventually fall as they weren't able to get any kind of offense (or defense for that matter) going. It was no doubt the worst performance this women's team has had this season. Hopefully it'll serve as a guide that there is still a lot to improve on despite the good record in the win-loss column.

Only two Bulls seemed to shoot well this time around as Brittany Morrison and Karin Moss shot 4-6 and 3-5 from the field respectively. Both tallied up 8 points by the games end. Unfortunately, this wasn't enough to make up for the poor shooting all around. Multiple members on the team shot 5 times or more and could get only one basket to fall at most. Joanna Smith led the team with 9 points but off of only 3-12 shooting.

Getting the ball to fall into the basket wasn't the team's only problem. The women were heavily out-rebounded 59-42 and turnovers were also a large problem as UB gave up 21 of them. Because of this, Hofstra was able to generate a quarter of their points off of turnovers. Keeping Hofstra down in the 60's would've been more realistic for a Buffalo win. Free throw shooting was a huge problem as well. The Bulls only made 36% of the chances they had at the charity stripe.

The loss brings Buffalo to 6-1 as they come home to Alumni this Sunday. They look to get back on track when they play Duquesne at 2:00 PM.