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Buffalo Bulls Women's Basketball Preview: Sophomore forward Courtney Wilkins

Is she actually a sophomore? It's unclear to me, but I'll go with what UB says for now

UB Athletics

Wilkins, like Mariah Suchan, at least has time in the program compared to UB's other pre-Oursler forwards.

The Basics

Number: 12
Year: Sophomore?
Position: Forward
Hometown: Melbourne, Australia
Height: 6-1

New Girl?

No, though we haven't seen her play yet. She could be a redshirt freshman, but it looks like UB is calling her a sophomore. I can see two reasons for this: to keep her in line with Stephanie Reid, who joined her in the trip from Australia, and to try to keep the classes somewhat balanced after the 2016 and 2017 classes have been decimated.

Before UB

Wilkins played both scholastically and in club settings in Australia, but we really don't have much to go on other than the video below.

Further Reading and Viewing:

Three join Women's Hoops midseason

2015-16 Outlook

I wish I knew more about the forwards, I really do, but Wilkins is the last one. She in theory has an advantage over Scheper and Brcina thanks to her time already in the program, but we don't know much about her game. If the video above is fair indication, she's a good outside threat and could slide in as a complement to one of UB's other forwards on the inside.

At a minimum, I expect Wilkins to be in the rotation with Suchan from Day One.