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Buffalo Bulls Women's Basketball Preview: Freshman guard Ayoleka Sodade


Everyone in UB's large freshman class brings some height to the floor, and Ayoleka Sodade pairs with with athletic bloodlines, as her older brother Babayele Sodade played soccer at UAB and had a stint with the Seattle Sounders.

The Basics

Number: 22
Year: Freshman
Position: Guard
Hometown: Windsor, ON
Height: 5-9

New Girl?

Yes, after verbaling to Buffalo in July.

Before UB

Sodade put up some serious numbers at Holy Names Catholic in Windsor, averaging 16.3 points, 7.8 rebounds, 4.2 assists, and 3.8 steals per game in her senior season and leading her high school team to a 51-9 record over the last three years.

She seems to have been a bit of a late bloomer in the recruiting process who didn't garner any attention until this past summer, but is plenty athletic and strong.

Further Reading and Viewing:

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2015-16 Outlook

Felisha Legette-Jack brought in three very similar guards in Kandance Satterwhite, Brittany Morrison, and Sodade this year, and the Bulls were already relatively healthy in the backcourt with Stephanie Reid, Camera Miley, and Joanna Smith backed up by the Sisters Ups and Karin Moss.

Given how thin the frontcourt is, I'm sure we see one freshman guard in action, but who knows who it might be.