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Buffalo Bulls Women's Basketball Preview: Senior guard Karin Moss

UB Athletics

We have a senior! One senior.

The Basics

Number: 24
Year: Senior
Position: Guard
Hometown: Troy, MI
Height: 5-4

New Girl?


UB Career

Moss is by far the most experienced player on the team, the lone senior and one with 87 career games in the Blue and White.

An absolute pickpocket on the court, Karin Moss is the perfect aggressive guard for Coach Jack's defense. Like that defense, she frequently racks up too many fouls too quickly without scoring enough to overcome it. Of UB's rotating guards last year, she scored far less than Camera Miley and Joanna Smith while finding fewer rebounds and committing more fouls.

When Moss is on, though, she can be an absolute game changer both in short bursts or over longer stretches of play. If she can stay on the floor, she's good for at least three steals.

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2015-16 Outlook

If this team, one of the youngest and least experienced in Division I, is going to have any measure of success, it's going to need quality leadership from their lone senior. It would be great to see Moss get a little better in her defending and not have as many games where she racks up three or four fouls in less than ten minutes.

She's never been much of a scorer, but given how thin the Bulls are at forward, maybe there's more of a role for a defensive stopper like Moss this year. If she can get up to 20 minutes a game regularly, that can go a long way for the Bulls.