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99 for 99: Instant Classic - Week 5 - Two If By Land

The 99th season of UB football began September 1st in Athens and continues this Saturday as the Bulls travel to DeKalb to take on the Northern Illinois Huskies. 99 4 99 will run until the MAC Championship game on November 30th. During the Season, the 99 for 99 Instant Classic will immortalize the best moment from the previous game, and let you, the reader decide the best moment of the season.

Mark L. Baer-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire
October 6, 2012 - Buffalo 31 - Ohio 38 - Zordich and Campbell become only the 3rd duo to each gain 100 rushing yards in the same game, the 1st QB/RB duo to do so.

There have been many great running back duos in UB's short D-1 history: Dawson and Leeper, Patterson and King, Starks and Thermilus. The Duo era seemed to come to an end when Jeffvon Gill received little to no playing time while Brandon Oliver ran the ball 30+ times per game during the 2011 campaign. UB nation hoped that heralded recruit James Potts would reignite a two headed running game, but Potts injury in the second game ended that option for 2012.

Instead it was the most unlikely duo, Quarterback Alex Zordich and 4th-string Running Back Devin Campbell. The products of Youngstown, Ohio stared in Buffalo's first trip to the Buckeye State this year. Campbell ran for 160 yards and a touchdown and Zordich added 110 yards to the dominant rushing attack that compiled over 300 yards on the day.

The only other duos to run for over 100 yards each since 1999 have been: Dawson (103)/Leeper (145) against Marshall in 2002, and Starks (181)/Thermilus (102) against UTEP in 2008. Zordich gaining 110 as a QB is amazing but typical for the tough running Quarterback. Zordich currently has the #3, #4, and #6 best rushing days against FBS schools this year, running for 110 against Ohio, 83 against Georgia and 76 against UConn.The real surprise is Campbell, the #4 Running Back who's effort in Ohio is the most yards gained against an FBS team by any UB back this year.