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Men's Tennis splits squad for weekend in Binghamton, Princeton

UB Athletics

It's early, and the spring means more than the fall, but Men's Tennis has dialed up a challenging fall schedule this year, following up last weekend's trip to Penn with a split squad. UB's best went to the Princeton Ivy Plus Invitational, while the rest of the team competed at Binghamton.

In 2014 Pablo Alvarez started his year strong in winning his bracket at the Ivy Plus but this weekend lost his first match to Mladen Mitak of Brown. He's since defeated opponents from Yale and Miami, and advanced to the consolation final today against Jack Heslin of Tennessee. I don't yet know the result.

Also at Princeton, Amar Hromic has sandwiched losses around a win and has a chance to finish the weekend 2-2 with a win over Bernado Casares Rosa of Cornell. Sergio Arevalillo advanced to his semifinal before losing and will play for third place today. Freshman Ethan Nittolo lost his first match but has since won two straight and today is (did?) go for the consolation championship.

In doubles, Alvarez/Nittolo and Arevalillo/Hromic both lost in their first matches.


Buffalo's other three were in action this weekend at Binghamton, and the big story is Akhil Mehta knocking off the Bearcats' Sid Hazarika in their bracket to advance to their final. Hazarika was Binghamton's regular at first singles last year, winning seven of his last nine matches in both singles and doubles in the spring.

Noah Hajdu-Andersson won one match and lost the next, and Tony Miller dropped his first and is now in limbo with the bracket un-updated.  In doubles, Mehta and Hajdu-Andersson won their first match and are also stuck in an un-updated bracket.


Check back for updates later tonight, but consider this a solid showing across the board early in the season for Men's Tennis