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Buffalo Bulls Olympic Rundown Podcast: A Pretty Good Weekend

For John and I, in our little corner of UB fandom, it was a great, great weekend. So much so that I'm putting the post for tonight's Olympic Sports Podcast early in hopes that we maybe get an extra viewer or two as we go through our usual rundown of the weekend in all the non-football, non-basketball sports.

On the docket for tonight, a smaller, but powerful lineup of successes this weekend.

Men's Soccer got their first ever win over West Virginia, and Russell Cicerone now leads the conference in goals and points thanks to a record-setting hot streak.

Volleyball accounts for a pair of losses, but against the top two teams in the MAC West the Bulls were a point away from forcing a fifth set on Friday and did force a fifth set on Saturday. The freshmen are looking better and better.

We've been hyping Cross Country's 17 October date in Louisville for two months, and the women in particular delivered while the men were a bit shorthanded due to some minor injuries.

You literally can't ask for better from Women's Soccer.

Finally, Swimming and Diving got another set of times under their belt in an unscored dual meet against Cornell. As a team the men and women combined to win 21 of 32 events while most of the top swimmers sat or raced in alternate events.

As always, the show goes live at 10:00. See you then.