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Joe Licata scouted against Bryce Petty

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

In this weeks installment, we scout Bryce Petty versus Joe Licata. Petty, a senior quarterback from Baylor, has the skill set to be a first round draft pick. This week against the Bulls, he should have no problem moving the ball and getting an easy win. On the other side Joe Licata has the ability to get on some teams' NFL radar with a solid performance against a superior opponent.

Petty, coming off of a back injury, will be able to use this game to work on some timing routes and just get the feel of playing again after sitting out last week. Look for some early screens and basic routes early in the game to calm the nerves.

Once they are able to run the ball effectively, look for some play action deep balls. I am not sure if he will play the whole game, but the Baylor coaching staff will look to make sure he is healthy, and make sure his mechanics are on point for the upcoming Big 12 schedule.

Licata will be in front of not only a superior Big 12 defense, but NFL scouts. If he can show the ability to get the ball out against the blitz and tight coverage, he may get on some teams' radar. With Baylor having better talent at the CB position than UB does at the WR position, he will need to have a hell of a game.

Licata will need to play at a faster pace than he has done the last two weeks. He will not be afforded the time he has been accustomed to having. Quick decisive throws will prove he has a handle on the speed. Scouts will be looking to see how he handles pressure. Will he be jumpy in the pocket, or will we see Joe Cool?

Below is a link to my preseason scouting report of Bryce Petty.

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