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Film Study: Weekend Trio of Soccer wins

I had all the captions written out and then lost the entire post, so I'm not going more in-depth in the body of this post as I have in earlier posts.

Fortunately, most of Buffalo's eight goals were pretty simple, comparatively. Full replays of the Friday games aren't available, so I only had the goals to go on. In Sunday's Women's game against Central Michigan, though, I tried to pick a few opponent's chances so we could talk defense, too.

There's no reason to break down a free kick, and I don't have access to the run up (or the uncalled penalty when WVU dislocated Russell Cicerone's shoulder), but you probably want to watch Cicerone's game-winner from Friday.

I also made a .gif of Marcus Hanson celebrating that goal:

MSOC Hanson celebration

Otherwise, click through the slideshow above, and hover for explanatory captions.