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Longtime UB Running Backs coach Matt Simon hired as Offensive Coordinator at FCS Delaware

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UB’s Football coaching staff took a hit this afternoon as the Delaware Blue Hens announced they had hired longtime Buffalo running backs coach Matt Simon to take the reins as Offensive Coordinator and Quarterbacks Coach.

Simon has been in Amherst for six years, over which time he presided over rushing attacks led by a stream of memorable Bulls: Branden Oliver, Anthone Taylor, and Jordan Johnson, with exciting recruits waiting in the wings for 2017 and beyond.

Simon’s impact as running backs coach is evident. Seven of UB’s top single-game rushing marks came in the Simon era, as have four of the individual single-season marks, and alum Branden Oliver has when healthy been a productive back at the NFL level.

Coach Simon’s departure is the second loss from UB Athletics to a weaker conference in the last week, following Stu Riddle’s move to Northern Kentucky.

Delaware’s press release announcing the Simon hire can be read here. It is lengthy, underscoring the talent and experience that was here in Amherst for six years, and the talent and experience that has now gotten away.