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To The Buffalo Students: Thanks For The Support, Don't Lose Faith

To the UB Students who attended Friday night's game,

First and foremost, thank you for coming out to the game. While not the on-field result we had all hoped for, your energy was unmatched. As a member of True Blue and a loyal fan to UB athletics, I felt so much school pride during that game. You brought the noise, energy, and spirit that this team needs more then ever right now. The key now is to not lose the momentum we've started.

While some of you may have doubts about coming back on September 24th as we take on Army, I ask you to reconsider.

Yes, the team lost a tough game that they were not supposed to. These things happen. The play on the field may not have been remarkable but what was remarkable were the amount of students who stayed and continued to be loud. Never have that many students stayed for the entirety of a game before. The thing is, we intend to break that record again against Army. The players will always thrive off the crowd. As a former athlete, when the crowd gets behind you, nothing is impossible. As long as we the students continue to show up to games, the team will improve. You have been given the opportunity to not only go to a Division I school but also to be able to attend all home games for free. Exercise this privilege and keep showing up, because when we stand together as a community, nothing is impossible.

If this hasn't struck you yet, listen to this point. The community has expressed doubt in our ability to retain student attendance at games. You willingly choose to attend this wonderful university. Let's show this community what it means to be a UB student. One who is smart, tough, and doesn't back down from a challenge. Be proud of where you are at this point in your life. You're attending, in my opinion, the best university in the country. Wear the blue and white with pride. Show off to friends, neighbors, and literally everyone that you know that you go to UB. Get out to the games and have a great time with your friends and classmates. Be insane as a fan and enjoy this time in your life when being loud and crazy cheering for your school should be the norm. With your help, UB Athletics can rival any program in the country. I hope I see everyone packing in to the stadium once again on Saturday, September 24th as we go and beat Army. Horns Up everyone, see you then.

-Kevin McCormick

UB Student, True Blue Historian and Avid UB Athletics fan.


To all of my fellow Bulls,

We took a gigantic leap in bringing an amazing college athletics atmosphere to Buffalo when the Bulls took on Albany. This is now my third year as a student and I have never seen an attendance for Football quite like that. Although the result is not what any fan of Buffalo could've hoped for, you witnessed something great.

When I arrived to UB the sense of school pride that we all have now wasn't nearly as existent. A common sight throughout the student union was Syracuse Orange, West Virginia Mountaineers, and Michigan apparel. Three years later, more and more students have chosen to don the Blue and White.

UB Athletics is on to something. The potential for this school to be an athletics powerhouse is one of the highest in the nation but we still lack the student atmosphere. This year's season opener for football is what we need more of. Many of you are jumping on board to the UB family right now and it's perfect timing.

Over 500 students pour in blood, sweat, and tears perfecting their craft after class so that they can represent you and one of the greatest universities ever. The least that we can do is show the same pride that they do and march into battle with them. If you loved this school enough to come here, I guarantee you love it enough to come out and support the biggest generator for pride.

On September 24th, we have a chance to show the Buffalo community — of which many members attacked us for not bringing a big enough crowd — that we aren't giving up. I ask all of you to come to Football's home game versus Army and bring one or two more friends who didn't come last time. Admission is free for students and it's a perfect setup for the rest of your Saturday.

I'm not asking for this on behalf of anyone. I'm asking for you to do this for yourself. When college is all said and done, you're not going to remember the classes you took or the boring Saturday's spent in your dorm room. You're going to remember the stories you forge by doing crazy things. UB Stadium is a place where you can do just that and I guarantee that if you let go a little bit, you'll have some of the best times of your life.

Spending my Saturday afternoons going bonkers has completely changed my short life. I want more people to experience that. This isn't just about watching sports, it's about forging a community and creating bonds that last a lifetime.

See you at the game.

-Robby Johnson, True Blue Fundraising Chair