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Albany Postgame: The slightly good, the bad, and the horrific monstrosity.

Buffalo fans everywhere are still in the biggest shock this morning. For the first time since 2003, the Bulls have lost to an FCS opponent. A lot happens in thirteen years but the general consensus was that Buffalo's football program made enough headway to the point that the Bulls should have no problem dealing damage to a team in a lower division and was also picked 11th in their conference pre-season poll.

The bottom line of this dare I say pathetic showing: The Bulls are in trouble. Anyway, let's get into with what happened.

The slightly good

Tyree Jackson-

Out of the two quarterbacks that played in this game, Jackson seemed the most poised to run this offense. The red-shirt freshman threw 14-25 for a touchdown and an interception. His best stat of the night: Three of his first four drives got points on the board for the Bulls.

The run game-

Many complained about Buffalo's run game last season but I feel it was far from non-existent here. The real question is why the Bulls didn't turn to this run game more often when it was this successful. Jordan Johnson had a strong night rushing for 114 yards and Tyree Jackson also brought in 60 yards on 10 keepers.

So let's put this into perspective. Jordan Johnson and Tyree Jackson were rushing at 5.0 and 6.0 yards per carry. Last I checked, each time you get a first down you only have to advance the ball 10 yards. Simple math would point to an offensive coordinator that Albany's defensive line should've been destroyed by an all out rush attack.

Mason Schreck-

Schreck is going to be a valuable part of this offense. The senior may have only received a whopping five passes but they were efficient receptions as he brought in 58 yards and a touchdown. If this offense wants success this season, they need to get Schreck more involved.

The bad

The lack of Marcus McGill-

As last year ended, the Rochester native caught fire and started having the most productive days in his career. This game was far from that. McGill didn't bring in a single pass. If you don't believe me, go check UB's box score. I don't care who you are as an offensive coordinator, but when you have 42 newcomers since July infused into this program I want you to rely more on the leadership of your senior wide receiver. It only makes sense.

The defense (at the beginning of each half)-

I LOVE Brian Borland's defensive schemes but this was tough to watch. Borland's defenses came out flat at the beginning of both halves in this game. I don't blame the defense on the first touchdown though since it's hard to defend a score from the 20 yard line.

Special teams-

Once again, it seems as if we have a Buffalo team that looks absolutely awful on special teams. I can't call for the coach of this regard's head because he is also the running backs coach that has done an amazing job for UB. Either way, it'd be nice if we could get a little more out of this unit.

The repulsive monstrosities

Grant Rohach-

This had to have been the worst performance from a quarterback I have ever seen. Rohach's 3-9 passing and two interceptions — of which one was his first pass as a Bull — may have cost Buffalo this game. Starting Rohach meant putting Tyree in a bad position to get going quick enough.

All players have bad days, but I think we gave the Iowa State transfer too much credit. On Bulls and Beers I specifically said that Rohach was good under pressure but during this game people would've laughed if they thought back to this. Rohach's pocket awareness was abominable. Countless times he didn't realize that the offensive line wasn't keeping up with Albany's defensive line. Some of these times he even tried to rush the ball when a gain of zero yards was inevitable.

Offensive Line-

It's bad man, I just don't even know what to say. A separate article on this matter will come your way soon.

Lance Leipold-

For the third straight game of Lance Leipold's tenure, the six time national coach of the year brought out a team with absolutely no energy. I will say this about his predecessor Jeff Quinn: he knew how to get his players riled up and ready to give their all. Also, Leipold is the first Buffalo head coach since Jim Hofher to lose to an FCS program. Let's just say that doesn't bode well in terms of job security

Finally, I will say this: Although it was a struggle to watch, this isn't the end of the world. All we can hope for is Leipold to show us how he won six national championships when the Nevada game rolls around. Buffalo, you are used to losing and this game — upsetting as it was — does not mean the Bulls will go 0-12. Take some more time over the next couple of weeks and let off a little steam.