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Pregame Meal: Getting Back to the Basics

After back to back lack-luster performances for the Buffalo Bulls, it's time to get back to the basics.

Mike DiNovo-USA TODAY Sports

Well here we are, after back to back disappointing performances by the Buffalo Bulls, the team comes back to UB Stadium in hopes of starting a winning streak. What better way to put a tally in the win column then getting back to the basics of football? To do this, the pregame meal is all about getting back to their roots. Getting back to what makes a tailgate special and memorable. To help me out with this meal, let's hear from the players themselves from a video posted by the UB Bulls Youtube account.

Ed. Note: EVERYONE should be playing pre-game hopscotch

Meal: Hot dogs and Hamburgers

The classic tailgate food. It's such a simple and traditional thing to pull out of the grill and cook some delicious food. Personally I prefer a nice medium hamburger over a hot dog but we all have our favorites. But what does such a simple meal have to do with a struggling team? Easy, it's all about getting back to their roots and the basics that they know.

Hopefully this nostalgic meal takes them back to a time when they were going to games themselves. One where they would be excited and full of energy at a tailgate eagerly waiting for kick off. I want nothing more than to see a boyish energy in these players Saturday night as they come back in to their home stadium. Give us the energy and excitement that you used to feel when playing or watching the game. Recently it has seemed more like a chore to go out on the field. Bring the energy, bring the excitement, and enjoy some classic tailgating foods.

Also consider the basics of the game. Run the ball efficiently and open up the pass. Go back to basic plays and stop going for the home run ball every other play. This Bulls team is one that can thrive with smash mouth running plays, designed QB keepers and short completions. We don't need any flashy plays. We need to move the ball forward through the basic plays that our offense runs. Fans may not appreciate all the hard grind it out plays that get 4 yards a play, but in the end they'll love seeing a mark in the win column. So get back to the basics of football and the PGM will stay with the basic tailgating foods.

Drink: Kool-Aid

I will admit something. The above video has 30 views. I am currently 10 of them. This video makes me laugh primarily because of DE Chris Ford. Whether trying to be funny or not, Ford's delivery on his favorite drinks is my favorite thing to watch right now. I constantly see him around campus and he seems like a funny guy to hang around, so it makes sense that his segment made me laugh. So in honor of Ford this week we should all pour a nice glass of Kool-Aid. Also as Matt and Robby mentioned, they grew up drinking it. So maybe it will bring us back to a time of relentless optimism and hope that we can push in to this 2016 Bulls football team. We can be positive towards the team and back them with a child-like hope, because they may need this more than ever.

Facts About Army

While normally I take this time to make fun of our opponent, I will not be doing that this week. I fully respect Army and all that they do for our country. I personally know that I couldn't do what they do so for that I commend them. Instead I decided that I will provide a few facts on Army. To any current or former members of the Army, thank you.

1.) The acceptance rate for West Point is just 9.5%.

2.) The University was founded in 1802 by George Washington and Thomas Jefferson

3.) Tuition for the school is $0. However you must serve active duty for 5 years after graduation as a Second Lieutenant

4.) West Point is a fellow NYS rival as they are located in West Point, NY.

5.) Before the annual Army vs. Navy game, the bottom half of the senior class plays a football game against the top half in 8 on 8 style. The lower half are the Goats and the upper half are the Engineers


5 Things To Watch For

1.) Tyree Jackson has officially been named the starter. Hopefully this gives him the confidence to play within himself and not try and be the hero on every play. Hopefully Jackson makes the short pass when necessary and uses his legs to his advantage.

2.) How will the defense prepare to face the triple option this week? The rush defense was very bad against Nevada. Army runs the same style of offense but better, so it'll be a big thing to watch for. Can the defense step up and be the group we all know they can be?

3.) The WR core. Recently it feels like we don't have any wide receivers on the team. It's been just TEs and RBs catching passes. Hopefully this group steps up when we need it most.

4.) How Boise Ross's suspension affects moral. While Ross may not be the most important player against a run first team, he still brings a sort of senior leadership to the defense. It'll be interesting to see the difference in intensity between the first and second half.

5.) Play calling. Once again the hope is that we keep the ball on the ground and use our runners. We've had tremendous success running the ball this year so hopefully the play calling keeps the run going early and often.


On BRuWPeG this week I took Army to win 31-17. While I think we get a better showing out of the Bulls I have no reason to expect the defense to lock down the Army run game. They've shown success on the ground this season where the Bulls haven't given us hope that they can lock down a running game. For that I have to base my prediction. That being said I would once again love to be proven wrong. Go out there and fight hard, get back to the basics, and win that game Buffalo.

Side Note


As a psychology major, mental illness is very important to me that those who suffer can get treatment. PTSD affects many members of the armed forces. As we take on Army this week, I hope that if anyone has the funds to do so to look in to donating to your local VA. It is estimated that up to 1 in 8 members of the armed forces suffers from this illness and they can use all the support we can give. So please, if you're financially able to, look to donate and help our fellow Americans get the help they need. While rivals on the football field, we are all humans in the end.