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Buffalo Bulls Record Watch for Nevada

Rushing: Watch Jordan Johnson

It was not anywhere near a record setting performance in week one but if he can maintain that pace through the season then Johnson has the potential to put together one of the better years ever by a UB running back.

Season Set by Record Year 2016 Current Pace Current Pred
Yards Branden Oliver 1,535 2013 Jordan Johnson 114 1,368 - #3
Attempts Branden Oliver 310 2013 Jordan Johnson 24 288 - #2
Touchdowns Lee Jones / James Starks 16 1966/2008 Jordan Johnson 0 0 - -

Johnson spent most of his career behind Anthone Taylor so it’s very unlikely he will be cracking the top five in any career category, though you can see he has an outside shot at putting his name in the top ten.

Career Set by Record Current Current Pace Current Pred
Yards Branden Oliver 4049 Jordan Johnson 1,286 2,540 - #6
Attempts Branden Oliver 866 Jordan Johnson 270 534 - #6
Touchdowns James Starks 34 Jordan Johnson 13 13 - -

Passing: Watch Tyree Jackson

Yes, we have been told that there will once again be two quarterbacks so focusing only on Tyree might be silly. But, we’re picking one player to watch a week for these record watch posts and Action Jackson was the better man last week.

Still playing basically just a half game limited his stats.

Season Set by Record Season 2016 Current Pace Place Pred
Yards Drew Willy 3,304 2008 Tyree Jackson 125 1500 - -
Completions Drew Willy 304 2008 Tyree Jackson 14 168 - -
Attempts Drew Willy 468 2008 Tyree Jackson 25 300 - -
Touchdowns Joe Licata 29 2014 Tyree Jackson 1 12 - -

Even if he did have a 11 full games, chances are a true freshman does not crack any UB Career top 10 passing records this year.

Receiving: Watch Mason Schreck

Until UB shows they have a receiving threat outside of the big tight end, the record watch will be keeping an eye on Ogre!

Mason had a good week for the Bulls, pulling in UB’s only touchdown on five receptions and 54 yards. He’s not currently in any top ten positions but he has a puncher’s chance of cracking the top ten in season receiving yards if he manages to up his YPG just a slight bit.

Season Set by Record Game 2016 Current Pace Current Pred
Receptions Naaman Roosevelt 104 2008 Mason Schreck 5 60 - -
Yards Naaman Roosevelt 1,402 2008 Mason Schreck 58 696 - 11
Touchdowns Naaman Roosevelt 13 2008 Mason Schreck 1 12 - 2

In the unlikely event that Ogre can manage a touchdown per game he will end up tied for 9th with Frank Price and Edmond "Doc G" Gicewicz.

Season Set by Record 2016 Current Pace Current Pred
Receptions Naaman Roosevelt 104 Mason Schreck 53 108 - -
Yards Naaman Roosevelt 1,402 Mason Schreck 520 1158 - -
Touchdowns Naaman Roosevelt 13 Mason Schreck 3 14 - 9