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Pregame Meal: Enough Gambling, It's Time For the Safe Bet

As the Buffalo Bulls head West to play the Nevada Wolf Pack, a nice safe meal is in order. Along with that meal, some good football should also appear on the menu.

We all saw what happened two weeks ago. The Buffalo Bulls lost to the Albany Great Danes and had a nice serving of humble pie. As bad as that loss is, it still only counts as one game and hopefully the team sees it that way too. This week the Bulls take on the Nevada Wolf Pack who have had a tough opening to their season. Maybe this is the perfect team to play in a game that feels like a must win. So before a game like this what's on the menu?

Meal: Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich

This may seem like a very basic low key meal for what feels like such a big game, but hear me out. First let's get the symbolism out of the way. Peanut butter and jelly obvious consists of two ingredients (minus bread). After Tuesday's announcement that Coach Lance Leipold still is going to use both quarterbacks, it feels like he is trying to make this team like a PB&J. One with two ingredients that blend in to one delicious sandwich. Sadly as we saw week 1, we've currently created a very ugly combination of quarterbacks on this team that needs to be sorted out. I've said multiple times now that I believe this season should be used to develop red-shirt freshman Tyree Jackson. That being said I'm not Coach Leipold and I'm going to give him the benefit of the doubt as of now. Maybe he sees something we don't that will help make this team's quarterback combination a wonderful blend, just like a good old fashioned PB&J.

What else is PB&J good for? It's simple and perfect to make on the run. Would you look at that phrase, "On the run." Buffalo running back Jordan Johnson averaged almost 5 yards a carry against Albany yet the game plan seemed to abandon the running game. If this 2016 Bulls team wants to be successful they have to run the ball with success. Consistent running will spread the field and make it easier on whoever is taking the snaps. If the team can continue to run the ball well, maybe this team isn't as doomed as a loss to Albany makes them seem.

So hopefully a nice basic PB&J can help bring this team back to the basics of football and teach them about a nice perfect blend.


Drink: Anything Alcoholic

During the last pregame meal I was scolded that in Buffalo the people drink beer when I picked milk as the drink of choice. Remind you that I'm only 19, I still think that readers might need something alcoholic for this game. Why? It should be pretty obvious. Do whatever it takes to forget the loss to Albany. Block that from your memory and focus on what's ahead of us in the season. And I don't think there is a more Buffalo way than with something alcoholic.

Also we're playing Nevada and what else comes to mind other than Vegas. Sin City is known for their illustrious amounts of alcohol so the selection should be pretty good for this game. So celebrate with the locals, forget that we even played Albany and enjoy this weeks game.

Similarities Between the Schools

1.)  When people find out you're from Nevada, their first thought is Las Vegas. When people find out you're from New York, they make sure to tell you how much they love NYC. Well I'm sure students at UN are sick of people assuming they are right next to Vegas just as much as I know UB students hate saying that they're across the state from NYC.

2.) Both Nevada and Buffalo are public universities. With a similar amount of students and cost of tuition for in state residents, these schools are comparable on these fronts.

3.) Both football teams have gotten off to slow starts this season. While we all know that UB lost to an FCS school it is worth noting that Nevada themselves struggled with an FCS opponent in Cal Poly.

So even though we may be separated by many miles, these schools aren't that different. That being said let's look at some of the major differences among these schools.

Differences Between the Schools

1.) With school academic rankings coming out this week it's always fun to compare. UB is ranked the 99th best school in the nation where Nevada comes in at a measly 199th. Since most of you probably went to UB, you can do the math pretty easily. As for any Nevada readers I'll help you out, UB is 100 spots ahead of Nevada.

2.) JaVale McGee is an alumni to Nevada. If you're unaware about who this is please enjoy this video of all of my favorite moments of his. UB is represented well by our professional athletes including star NFL player Khalil Mack. Yes, I realize that McGee is an NBA player and this is a football post. I'm just avoiding getting in to discussion about their most notable football alum as you should too in the comments.

3.) Their mascot is a Wolf Pack. Ours is a Bull. I know a wolf pack may seem intimidating but I would take the Bull in a fight. Just a personal opinion but sheer size triumphs numbers for me.

Five Things to Watch For

1.) The fact that I have to put this out again drives me insane. Once again we get to watch the quarterback battle between Grant Rohach and Tyree Jackson. Maybe Grant just had a tough first game and will bounce back strong. I sure hope so.

2.) The offensive line. Last game they looked lost and over matched. I'm looking forward to seeing if this group can bounce back strong and prove to the Buffalo fans that they care about keeping whoever is in the backfield standing.

3.) If our receivers make an impact this game. Marcus McGill was left without a catch in week 1's game. I'm looking forward to a nice bounce back game from this group as well.

4.) The first glimpses of Boise Ross. While sitting in the stadium for week one I found out that Ross was suspended for violating team rules. While it didn't feel like a huge blow against a much weaker team it may have been huge. I'm excited to see him get out their this week and lock down Nevada's wide outs.

5.) The offensive play calling.  Can Andy Kotelnicki get this offense moving by sticking with the hot hand. Hopefully he chooses not to panic and abandon the run game if we fall behind early. Hopefully we can experience more creative hand offs than the typical read option play. Kotelnicki needs to feel out this game and go with the plays that are working, not what he thinks may work.


As my title reads, and keeping with the theme of playing Nevada, I should be looking to take a gamble. That being said, I copped out on BRuWPeG this week and took Nevada winning 24-17. That would have UB covering the 10.5 point spread however so if I was gambling I'd be all in on Buffalo. That being said, I don't think this team can win a game with two quarterbacks. Make the safe bet, go with Tyree Jackson and let this team grow. Until then I'll have to pick against the Bulls. I hope this team proves me wrong, I really do, because I'll take an 0-2 prediction start in order to have a 1-1 Bulls team.