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Nick Filipowski's (WKBW) Interview with Lance Leipold

UB Athletics

With football season approaching quickly, WKBW's Nick Filipowski sat down with head coach Lance Leipold to talk about the upcoming season. The fun twist was that Filipowski answered fan questions sent to him via twitter:

First, things started off with a playful question:

Be on the lookout for Leipold's boxer leading the way out of the tunnel on game day sometime. Next, Leipold was asked about the program's scheduling philosophy:

What followed this was an attempt by yours truly to get some info from the head coach while being lazy at home:

Finally, the Q&A concluded with True Blue's very own Jack Kennedy asking about the next phase of being UB's head coach:

The Bulls will be back in action for a Friday night tip-off vs. FCS Albany at 7:00 PM on September 2nd. The game will be televised on ESPN3. Also, go follow Nick on twitter! He had wonderful coverage of the women's basketball team back in March when they made their very first NCAA Tournament.