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Buffalo Bulls Football: Power Rankings entering MAC play

Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports

Who's ready for some MACtion? In case if you haven't been paying attention, this is how the MAC is stacking up:

Rank Team Score LW CH Comment


1 0 It won't be long until WMU is ranked. The Broncos are now 5-0 after torching CMU 49-10.
2 TOL 2.0 2 0 They may have lost last week but they're still the consensus #2 pick. BYU isn't an awful program to lose and by only two points nonetheless
3 EMU 3.7 5 +2 CODE RED! I REPEAT: CODE RED! EMU is 4-1 on the season and a bowl game is incredibly likely for the Eagles.
4 CMU 4.3 3 -1 The Chips started the season off fired up but have cooled down a bit. Can't blame them for a loss to what seems to be one of the best MAC teams in a while.
4 OHIO 4.3 4 0 Ohio still seems to be the class of the MAC LEast. We'll see how they fare against a team that isn't Miami.
6 AKR 5.7 7 +1 I'm surprised they're still this low but Akron got a win over Kent State, cementing themselves as second best in the East...for now
7 BALL 7.3 6 -1 Losing to this year's NIU team is kind of sad.
8 KENT 7.7 8 0 They started a running back at QB and almost won. Because of that I feel they deserve to stay right here.
9 NIU 9.7 12 +3 Congrats NIU on getting your first win of the season. It really was starting to look scary for a second there.
10 M-OH 10.0 10 0 Well, at least you tried.
11 BUFF 10.7 9 -2 Well, you tried too, didn't you?
12 BGSU 11.3 11 -1 None of the editors have forgiven them for their 77-3 loss to Memphis.

Notable picks from the editors

  • Tim continues to be the odd man out, preventing Bowling Green from being the last team in the conference.
  • Ohio continues to be the question mark as no one really can agree on where they stand. They're as high as third but as low as sixth.
  • Tim also isn't buying into the EMU hype as he has them ranked 5th in the conference.