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Pregame Meal: It's Time to Look at What's Worked in the Past

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This Bulls football team has struggled this season to say the least. You can point to a lot of factors that have seemed to just disappear this year. There is no energy, no execution, no passion for the game right now. This is not the Buffalo that I in my short years following the team knew. I think this week we need to go and refresh ourselves with what has worked so well in past years. Here's this weeks pregame meal:

Meal: Leftovers from the back of the freezer.

Yes, you read that correctly. No longer am I looking to plan ahead with a meal. I think what this team needs is some of those leftovers from the 2013 season. Now I know that Lance Leipold was not the coach. I know that Khalil Mack isn't here anymore. I know that most if not all of these players were not at UB during this time. But this 2016 team needs to channel the energy of the ghost of 2013.

As we've discussed time and time again, this years squad appears to have no energy on the field. I feel like when I'm watching, it's 11 guys going through the motions being dominated by weaker talent that cares a lot more. Kent State was not a better team, but they looked it. If this team wants to win they need to bring the energy they had in the fourth quarter against Army. From what I've been told, Jeff Quinn wasn't the best at a lot, but he was a wonderful motivator. I want someone to step up and be the emotional leader. I would love to see Max Perisse be that player. I've had the chance to hear him speak casually a few times and he would be the man for the job.

So maybe all this team needs is some of the leftover food from 2013. That was the year I attended my first Bulls game against UConn, and it was such a happy time. Give me that kind of energy from this squad and we could shock some teams and win a few games. I'm not saying win them all, but enough to show promise to the future.


Drink: Red Bull

Now I am not an energy drinker at all. These are not good for you and horribly unhealthy. So quick health warning:don't consistently drink these. That being said, I hope the team each enjoys one. We're keeping the theme of energy going throughout the meal. What better way to do it than with loading your body with sugar to create a sugar rush! Now I know these lead to a crash, but maybe they will last long enough for the team to be energized for all four quarters. Please, we're getting desperate.


Ball's not a State

America is comprised of 50 states. Ball is not one of them. Their college is just one big lie. So, let's take a look at some other reasons why Buffalo will always reign supreme over the liars in Muncie.

1. There is literally nothing to do in Muncie, Indiana. I actually googled what to do and four things came up. If google can only think of four things, you may want to reevaluate your city.

2. They're home to the Ball corporation. You would think that they would make fun balls to play with but no. This company makes jars and lids. This is your big contribution to the world Muncie? Buffalo gave the world wings, and for that they love us.

3. 70,000 people live in Muncie. This brings up a lot of questions, but most importantly, why? Without Ball State this city would be a ghost town. Buffalo is a well populated area that has a vibrant culture of passionate hard working individuals.

4. Muncie is nicknamed "Middle Town, USA" because in the 1920's a lot of sociology studies took place there. They chose Muncie because they felt as if it symbolized the average American. That's a fun fact to store away for whenever someone asks you why Muncie is a good city.

5. Somehow, Muncie has a decently high crime rate. They average 48 crimes per 1,000 people. Now, I won't be bias. Buffalo's is higher at about 60 per 1,000 people. But the fact that Muncie has that big of a crime rate is shocking to me.


5 Things To Watch For

1. ENERGY. In case you missed it, I'll write is again. ENERGY. This is the biggest issue with this team. If they come out with energy and passion, they can win. If they come out flat, expect a long day and your horns to be down.

2. Can Tyree Jackson get a pass game going. Personally, I feel like Jackson could have a break out game. He's played average up to this point accumulating his numbers in garbage time. This could be the week that things finally start clicking. The wide outs made an appearance last game, let's keep it rolling.

3. The pass defense. For once we won't be facing a run heavy team. Ball State likes to pass. Maybe it'll be a comeback game for Boise Ross as he gets to do what he does best and defend the pass.

4. Play calling. I feel like a broken record sometimes. Can the play calling adapt to the flow of the game and not just the pregame plan? I sure hope so.

5. Can anybody other than Kyle Deween win game MVP? No offense to Deween, but I'm sick of the punter being our best player. I'd love to play well enough that Deween doesn't see the field. Someone needs to step up and start making plays so that all the glory isn't on our wonderful punter.


I'm very bad at predicting winners. That being said, I have Ball State winning 31-17. I just don't have the faith in the Bulls as of now and I need a game to give me that confidence. Please, prove me wrong and win. I want nothing more. But until they start to perform consistently well, I'll be picking against the blue and white.