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Buffalo Football Game Preview: Boston College Eagles

What to look for in this weeks match up.

Lance Iversen-USA TODAY Sports

For the first time this season the Buffalo Bulls are looking to start a winning streak! The Bulls take on the Boston College Eagles in the first day time game of their short season. Filled with energy and spirit he Bulls lead a strong comeback to defeat Army last week 23-20 on an overtime field goal from sophomore kicker Adam Mitcheson, Can the Bulls ride this wave of success and more importantly emotion in to Boston and take down BC? Let's take a look!

Players to Watch

Patrick Towles - The starting quarterback for the BC Eagles, Towles has had a very up and down season. Fans are not entirely sold on him being the quarterback they need to bring them to success. That being said he has shown good moments this season and has thrown and rushed for 4 TD's each.

Jon Hillman - This starting running back has put up decent numbers so far to start this season. He's no Andre Williams, former BC stand out, but he's no slouch either. Averaging 3.5 yards a carry, it is key that the Bulls try and hit him at the line of scrimmage. He is averaging 17 rushes a game so expect to see the ball in his hands often.

Jeff Smith - The leading WR in Boston, Smith has just 9 catches this season. However those 9 catches have gone for 182 yards and 3 TDs. Smith is for sure a deep ball threat and our secondary, which has struggled this season, needs to make sure to contain him at all costs.

Harold Landry - This defense is very good. They're bigger than Buffalo and should pose a threat. So should Landry who has 4.5 sacks and 2 forced fumbles this season. If the Bulls struggling offensive line doesn't step up, expect to hear a lot of Landry.

Final Thoughts

This game should be low scoring. With two teams who pride themselves on defense and a rainy Boston day, points should be tough to find. This game is giving me serious Penn State vibes which is good and bad. Good in the sense that we were able to compete with Penn State in less than ideal weather conditions, but bad because we didn't come away with a win. Look for Tyree Jackson to have to show off his passing skill today as the run will most likely not be an effective weapon. In a game where we have to pass a lot in the rain, I think the Bulls may have to postpone their winning streak until MAC play.

Win Probability

I'm giving UB a 33% chance to come away with a victory. I think the defense of BC will be too much to handle but if Jackson is able to shake off all his freshman characteristics than look for UB to surprise a lot of people. A win here would be huge to get in to MAC play at 2-2. That being said, 1-3 may not be as bad as we feared preseason due to the East struggling so much. So be optimistic of a win, but not distraught with a loss. I look forward to a fun grind it out type of day. Go Bulls!