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Pregame Meal: It's Time to Eat Fancy, We've Earned It

After one of the most thrilling wins in UB Football history, it's time to enjoy the finer things in life.

Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

I hope everyone has caught their breath from last Saturday's thriller against Army. The Buffalo Bulls football team didn't give up all game and because of their hard work, came away with a 23-20 victory in overtime. The team now heads back out on the road to Boston to face the Boston College Eagles this upcoming Saturday. So the big question on everybody's mind, what do you eat pregame after such an exciting game? Well I think now is the time to enjoy some high quality food after a high quality performance. Here's what is on the menu.

Meal: Lobster

Last week, Paige Miller commented on the PGM that we should enjoy some high quality gourmet food. I didn't think we truly deserved to enjoy such a nice meal last week. However this week is a different story! So Mr. Miller, have no fear, this week we are going high class! And what better option than lobster? I've been to Boston one time and I specifically remember that being my first time eating lobster. Boston is known for their lobster which even includes their annual lobster festival. So you know the saying, "when in Rome," how about we coin a new one this week, "when in Boston."

Also we as fans deserve this meal. Sticking with the team through the first two weeks was for sure tough. It was a roller coaster of emotion that seemed to never be making its way up. This all changed when the team stepped up their play so of course I'll be stepping up the meal. So fans, thank you for sticking around, being loud, and being proud. Enjoy some Boston lobster. Whether you're a melted butter or straight meat fan, who cares. In the end we're just Buffalo fans taking in the Boston cuisine.

Drink: Sam Adams

Well why not keep this Boston theme going. I for sure know that Buffalo fans love to drink. It's almost synonymous to think of Buffalo sports and beer. So why not take in some more of the local food and drink? Sam Adams is brewed in Boston and seems to be the preferred beer of choice. Growing up in Rochester, I know what is like to have a local beer brewed in your hometown. People in Rochester are proud of Genesee beer no matter how good it tastes. So let's immerse ourselves in the Boston culture while showing them that Buffalo spirit. That should be the plan of the team as well. To go in to someone else's house but show them that Buffalo will always be better.


City Comparison

1.) Cost of living in Buffalo is significantly cheaper than Boston. For $3,865 in Buffalo, it would take $5,800 to have the same standard of living in Boston. Buffalo is a much more affordable city to live in, so why wouldn't you?

2.) Buffalo residents are an average of 2.4 years older than Boston residents. It may not seem like a lot, but in those two years a lot can be learned. Buffalo residents are OBVIOUSLY much wiser than the Boston residents due to those few extra years.

3.) Boston has about 620,000 people living in their city whereas Buffalo only has about 262,000 residents. Having less people is a positive though! Less traffic, shorter lines at stores, and more open space for activities! Why would you want to cram so many people in to your city?


4.) Sometimes when doing these searches you stumble upon random facts. Well the librarian to student ratio in Buffalo is 768. In Boston it's 2452. So take that Boston, we have a much better librarian to student ratio meaning that we have a better chance of being helped when searching for books. So take that.

5.) Boston is most known for their clam chowder. Buffalo is known for their wings. Try and make a case that clam chowder is in any way better than Buffalo wings. Whatever reason you come up with you're most likely wrong.

5 Things To Watch For

1.) Is this win a 1 hit wonder or will the team back it up. Don't get me wrong the team doesn't have to win this game. However they do have to come out and play with heart, toughness, and a relentless motor to make me believe that the Army game was not a fluke.

2.) Can the play calling adapt to the flow of the game. According to Matt on Bulls and Beers, BC has a tough run defense and he doesn't believe we will be able to run the ball against them. So how will this team react if they can't run the ball? This offense relies heavily on the read option so if forced to pass can Tyree Jackson make the needed throws to win.

3.) Will rain affect the teams performance. With an 80% chance of rain in Boston on Saturday, it feels likely that the team will be playing in poor weather for the first time this season. Last year when the team traveled to Penn State they faced a miserable mix of rain which also seemed to describe their offensive play. Can they perform in poor weather this year if the forecast is correct?

4.) How well the lineman handle a bigger team. Often times Buffalo is undersized when playing a power five team. While BC is not one of the premier power five teams they still are one. Will the Buffalo offensive line, who has had issues this year, be able to handle the bigger bodies.

5.) Can the team get off to a hot start. This is the first game in a while that the Buffalo Bulls had won the previous week. Are they able to build off the momentum they gained against Army and come out fired up?


Well on BRuWPeG I rejoined team relentless optimism. I have the Bulls winning this game 27-17. Why? I can't tell you. What I do know is that I believe in this team again. If I didn't I wouldn't work so hard to get people to watch this team. I think they can surprise the #6 defense in the country this week with their deceptive one two punch of Tyree Jackson and Jordan Johnson. Look for the defense to be energized after a strong second half against Army. Overall I think this is the week we see it put all together for the Bulls. Horns up!