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Buffalo Bulls Football Recruiting 2016: Linebacker Tyreek Williams

Tim Riordan

Brian Borland and Lance Leipold practically rebuilt the entire UB defense overnight this season, thanks in large part to an infusion of young contributors. That wealth of experience from true and redshirt freshmen will make it harder for a similar influx in 2016, but among the defensive recruits, linebacker Tyreek Williams may be the name to learn.

The 6-1, 205-pound tackler is a consensus three-star recruit across the major sites, and can back up his rating with a championship, as Timber Creek won the South Jersey Group 4 championship this season.

Williams boasts FBS offers from Army, Navy, and Temple, interest from every other FBS program in the Northeast, and offers from  four more FCS programs to boot.

You'll see in Williams' highlights above an effective edge rusher who makes up for a lack of particular strength and diversity of pass rushing moves with a large frame, good speed, and great technical ability shedding blocks. Brandon Berry showed this year that a linebacker with a knack for hitting gaps hard can find a bigtime role in Borland's defence.

UB of course graduated Okezie Alozie, Kyril Threats, Travis Pitzonka, and Nick Gilbo from their linebacking group this past season, so the spots will be there if someone like Williams can step up and take it.