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Four Days to Kickoff: Gary Hosey

Coming in under the wire here.

UB Athletics

Who is wearing #4 in 2015?

Gary Hosey

Hometown: Detroit, Michigan

Year: Redshirt Freshman

Position: Running Back

High School: Cass Tech

Freshman (2014): Hosey redshirted.

Outlook: Hosey is one of a handful of heavy-hitting recruits on both sides of the ball that Jeff Quinn pulled out of Michigan towards the end of his tenure. In high school he played alongside Brandon Berry and Will White while winning consecutive Michigan State titles at Cass Tech. Now 5'11", 225, Hosey could bring a ton of power to UB's running game, but it seems he's at least behind Anthone Taylor and Jordan Johnson in the pecking order, and Johnathan Hawkins looks to make noise as a true freshman.

Hosey's opportunities for significant minutes will likely pick up next year and certainly the year after when Johnson graduates. In 2015, he's most likely to see the field as a special teams contributor, but don't sleep on him as a part of UB's rushing attack down the line.

#4 UB Football Game

October 22, 2011 - UB 30, Northern Illinois 31

UB missed a field goal, fumbled 5 times losing 3, and threw 2 interceptions for 5 turnovers. That said, Branden Oliver ran for 112 yards, Chazz Anderson threw for 404 yards, Marcus Rivers caught 10 balls for 114 yards while Alex Neutz caught 9 balls for 135 yards as UB came just short of completing a 21-point comeback.

I remember the game vividly, I stupidly planned to celebrate my wife's birth on a football Saturday, but I guess the Bulls were 2-5 so I didn't care. I drove up the 405 to get a swanky West LA Brunch and then sent her to shop with a personal shopper, all part of my plan to get some football time in. I sat in the car and listened to turnover, after turnover after turnover.

My wife finished shopping and UB was still in the game down 24-10. We started to climb further up the 405 to Santa Barbara, Chazz Anderson threw an interception, I started to get angry. UB forced a three-and-out, but Cortney Lester fumbled the return. NIU scored quickly, to take a 31-10 lead. I turned off the game before another blow-out ruined my mood.

As I drove up the beautiful coast, the Bulls drove up and down the field scoring on an Alex Neutz TD reception, a Marcus Rivers TD reception and with 23 seconds remaining, an Ed Young TD pass to bring UB within 1. I arrived in Santa Barbara and took out my phone to see where UB was, and to my surprise it was 31-30 NIU. I refreshed the browser and saw NIU 31 - UB 30. I clicked on the box score, hoping UB kicked two field goals and ran out of time or they went for 2 to win it in regulation and failed, a noble loss, but alas, my worst fears were confirmed, UB completed the comeback, but missed the extra point. NIU would go on to be a MAC dynasty while UB completed the Quinn era without a signature win.