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Simulating the Buffalo Bulls and Akron Zips Football Matchup

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Last week, The cable counterparts of our Buffalo Bulls football team showed up for a large part of their game against the Northern Illinois Huskies. The fourth quarter proved to be much different as UB took a huge deficit and brought it to within 8 points. It wasn't enough though as Buffalo couldn't capitalize any further on the momentum that it gained. This week somebody from the MAC is becoming bowl eligible thanks to our matchup with a 5-5 Akron Zips team. Akron has shown that they can be better than the rest of the bottom feeder teams in the MAC and it surely will be an interesting fight as UB tries to become bowl eligible for only the third time in it's history.

Let's get this moving, here's the general sim results:

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The sim favors us heavily in this one and the chances of us blowing them out are better than any other team we've faced this season. It's a welcomed result especially since we just need one more win and our worries will be over. Five of the six overtime games that I saw went into double overtime (Please don't put me through that kind of stress).

Player Stat Highlights

1. Licata continues the usual trend

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Joe had a lot of decent days like this one throughout the simulations. What concerned me was that there were many games that he threw more than 40 times and I'd rather not see that. Another common result that I saw was around 300 yards with 3 touchdowns and 3 interceptions. I'd rather him not throw as much in this one.

2. Splitting carries continue to be the trend

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Anyway, Jordan Johnson shows once again that he should be the #1 running back for UB. Almost every time he had more yardage than Anthone, even when Jordan had less carries. The rushing game is supposed to be strong in this one and I can't wait.

3. Problem is, they're going to have a good rushing game

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Conor Hundley appeared to run right through us in most of these simulations while Akron's passing game faltered. Hundley is most likely the only guy they'll use and he's expected to wreak havoc on our run defense.

Keys For a Non-Danny White Bulls win

1. The rushing game will be important

Licata isn't going to put out mind blowing numbers in this one but the rushing game can. I expect Jordan Johnson to have 125 yards or so along with another 50 from Anthone to lock up the win easily. It'll be a little harder if this doesn't happen.

2. Run defense, don't fail on me now

Akron's going to run it and when they do we need to stop it. If we can do that, bowl eligibility shouldn't be a problem.

3. Special teams needs to get their act together

Q: What's a better way to put that tough day against NIU behind?

A: Put together a near perfect one against Kron

Farce of the Simulation

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I feel like week twelve is just a little late to be testing out which QB you want to use.