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Simulating the Buffalo Bulls and NIU Huskies Football Matchup and More

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It was another close week for our Buffalo Bulls as they snatched a road win from Kent State in the fourth quarter. UB is now only a single win away from being bowl eligible for just the third time since its Division-I return (*Gives slight jab to UB Rewards App*). This week we take on the Northern Illinois Huskies. This team is already bowl eligible but they still have a shot at winning the MAC West. It'll be no easy task for UB to win this game as they just took down #24 Toledo.

General Sim Results:

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It is literally anyone's game. So many of these games were decided late in the fourth quarter and that's good news for us considering we were able to stay with them to that point. UB won more games but that doesn't mean much when the average score is the same and the chances of blowout by either team are the same. Expect this game to go either way

Just like last week there were problems this time around. I can't give you individual player stats because the site was unable to generate them (and thus, I can't really hash out any keys to win the game). Instead, I'm going to give you some food for thought.

Selected Team Rankings

Below we have the sim rankings of every MAC team and FBS team that we have faced. Included is their data on offensive efficiency and defensive efficiency. Let's just say that this sim doesn't think too highly of us (Nor should they have a reason to).

Rank Team Adjusted Offensive Efficiency Adjusted Defensive Efficiency SOS
16 Penn State 107.5 84 0.595
53 Northern Illinois 98.7 93.5 0.251
56 Bowling Green 113.6 109.8 0.239
65 Western Michigan 115.9 116 0.248
67 Toledo 104.4 105.5 0.272
90 Massachusetts 98.5 110.8 0.282
91 Central Michigan 93.6 106 0.143
99 Nevada 87.5 103.9 0.191
104 Miami (Ohio) 86.7 104.4 0.249
105 Florida Atlantic 85.3 103.8 0.13
106 Eastern Michigan 99.1 121.2 0.26
113 Ball State 86.9 111.9 0.38
115 Buffalo 83.4 108.8 0.138
120 Kent State 75.3 100.5 0.161
124 Ohio 86.7 123 0.088
128 Akron 64.9 106.7 0.083

Projections Around The MAC

Toledo 19 - Central Michigan 28

Kent State 12 - Ohio 24

Bowling Green 31 - Western Michigan 32

Akron 11 - Miami (Not FL) 25

UMass 25 - Eastern Michigan 25