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Miami RedHawks vs Buffalo Bulls football: Watch Lance Leipold's weekly press conference

Seems like the video got up a little later this week, so I'm not able to transcribe as much as I usually do initially before I have to leave the computer. I might update later, I might not.

Of note: Jon Fuller is claiming this is the shortest turnaround in school history, but they did also go Saturday to Thursday in 2010, 2007, and 2006.

What stands out about Miami

"A lot of good young talent ... not always reflected in the win column right now for them ... good quarterback run game ... the scheme makes it difficult, their offense, for our defense in a short period of time.

Defensively, well coached, ... putting some good things together at different times. I'm sure they're just looking like we are, staying consistent for four quarters."

On physical fatigue from team

"[They] had pretty good energy on Sunday, but yesterday, it's not that they weren't willing, ... I'm sure as we get closer and they get a little down time, hopefully we can gain some of that back."

On Anthone Taylor

"We're hoping. He's doing more, doing more. I wish it was a regular seven-day, but he'll definitely go on the trip and he'll dress"

On the general running back situation

"Yea, that's what we were hoping for all year, having two guys who were gonna be productive. ... I'm very proud of Jordan for what he did, stepping into that role. ... He played real well overall. We want Anthone as close to 100% as possible for the stretch, and we'll make a decision as we get closer."

Does that change the offense at all?

"Not really at this time. ... The strength of what we felt our offensive philosophy has always been - as you've been able to see this year - we're pretty multiple in what we're willing to do, what we've been able to do in the scheme ... hopefully we can continue to build the running game."

On Miami defensively

"[They're] fundamentally sound, they're not trying to overdo a lot with them... I've been impressed with the back four."

On the linebacking corps

"... playing them a lot of snaps; Nick Gilbo has been extremely steady ... not always gonna pass the eyeball test, but ... he makes plays. ... Brandon Berry continues to grow into his position. ... Okezie Alozie ... hopefully that'll be the game that he builds on, as well"

"Theoretically the players could go to class on Friday..."

"They have to go to class."

"At this point in timetime do you believe Jordan will be the starting back and if you do, how confident are you in his ability as the number one​?"

"... I think we were confident before last Saturday. ... "