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Simulating the Buffalo Bulls and Miami of Ohio football matchup

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Buffalo takes on Miami of Not Florida to start Midweek MACtion.

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Last week, Buffalo absolutely dominated in their game against Ohio. It was one of the better UB Football games I've had the pleasure to watch (Which is a small sample size dating back to 2013). UB now leads the nation in defensive touchdowns with a total of six after two interception returns for a touchdown. Unlike last week, UB is expected to win this week. The team will travel to Miami, Not Florida to take on the Redhawks. It's been an abysmal season for Miami as they are currently 1-7. Their only win comes against an FCS team: Presbyterian. I feel like this team should've been better because they did give Cincinnati a run for their money.

Anyway, here's the general simulation results:

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We're obviously the favorites. Miami is one of the worst teams in the FBS. With that being said, it doesn't mean that we should count them out. There are better chances of us blowing them out but there were a surprising 1/10th of the games where Miami blew us out. Once again, these simulations are without Anthone Taylor this week. So we're depending on Jordan Johnson and Johnathan Hawkins this week to get the job done.

Player Stat Highlights

1. Rushing attack stays strong

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I rarely saw Jordan Johnson with less then 100 yards. I also saw that he maxed out at 170 yards or so from time to time. This stat highlight could end up being useless as Taylor might start. Either way, it was nice to see the run game used more often but I hope that the number of attempts continue to increase with the rest of the season. We have multiple talented running backs, let's use them.

2. McGill shines again

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Marcus McGill stepped up to the challenge last week and did an amazing job. He didn't record any touchdown catches but he was part of a ton of key plays for UB. This week it's going to be him and a TE getting some great passes. It's typically Weiser who gets a touchdown along with McGill, but as you can see in the simulation above, it was Mason Schreck's time to grab a TD. Another common case I saw was a Ron Willoughby dominance that ensued when McGill didn't step up to the occasion. Anyway, expect the passing game to take flight.

3. Miami's QB troubles

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One of Miami's biggest obstacles have been at the QB position. During the first half of the season, Miami didn't seem to have a QB that could put together a whole game, which led to playing two QB's. They've thrown twice as many interceptions than touchdowns this season. Buffalo could turn this game into a laughing stock if the defense capitalizes on turnovers as much as they did at Ohio. The last few weeks have seen the use of just one QB and that is Billy Bahl. If we dominate early, we may see Kummer take the field.

Keys For a UB Win

I'm going to keep this short and sweet this week because it's simple:

1. Go for broke on getting turnovers

Miami will turnover the ball at least twice during this game in my opinion. Let's increase our lead in defensive touchdowns.

2. Play smart and grab the W

This game is arguably the easiest on the remaining schedule, we need this win. If we're winning by a sizable margin coming into the 4th Quarter, I want almost every starter off of the field.

Farce of the Simulation

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Joe Licata: Dual Threat

Projections of Future Opponents

Central Michigan 30 - Akron 7

UMass 27 - Ball State 26

A lot of teams get a bye this week.