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Ohio Bobcats vs Buffalo Bulls football: UB Report Card from 41-17 Win

Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

It's time to grade out the solid win over the Bobcats:

Quarterbacks- B

Joe Licata did a much better job this weekend. He posted a decent 212 yards in passing and was accurate 65% of the time. I would've given him a higher grade but he continued to struggle in the red zone. Also, there were still some very questionable throws.

Running Backs- A

Jordan Johnson did everything he needed to do in Anthone Taylor's absence. This was the best rushing performance by a UB running back to date this season. In Taylor's defense, he hasn't received as many carries in a game yet. Anyway, Johnson also had two rushing touchdowns, including a nice late game 39 yard touchdown. It's performances like these that make me think that Johnson is the better running back.

Wide Receivers + Tight Ends- B+

For the most part the wide receivers and tight ends did their job. There weren't any touchdown catches but Marcus McGill was having a career game. Midway through the second quarter I thought he was going to have over one hundred yards for this game. Unfortunately, the passing game stalled out in the second half. Matt Weiser also had a good day with a 54 yard effort.

Offensive Line- B

The offensive line didn't shoot themselves in the foot this week. They protected their QB from being sacked and gave Licata ample time for the most part to make sound decisions. Improvements can still be made here but it was a step in the right direction.

Defensive Line- B+

It was an average day for the defensive line. Charles and Demone Harris combined for a sack and there were some good tackles all around. What bumped the grade up even more was that the run game was almost non existent for Ohio.

Linebackers- A

Besides the fact that Ohio was doing great with short passes in the middle early, the Linebackers dominated this game. Blue Berry, Nick Gilbo, and Okezie Alozie did an amazing job this game. The trio combined for 31 tackles and two sacks. The biggest highlight was Alozie grabbing two INT's and returning one of those for a touchdown.

Defensive Backs- B+

Just like the LB's, the defensive backs had their way with the Ohio offense. Boise Ross is now tied for first in the nation with Passes Defended once again and tied the single season record for UB. Ross continues to show that he may end up in the NFL one day. Ryan Williamson also grabbed a clutch interception and returned it for a touchdown. One of the reasons that this grade isn't an A is because of Dadeboe ruining a chance at an interception. Also, Derrius Vick was able to make some great passes deep.

Special Teams- C+

Special Teams as a whole continues to be a problem for UB. It's definitely the weakest unit. Adam Mitcheson had a decent day even though a field goal attempt was blocked. Tyler Grassman saved the grade on this one because of his amazing punting. Thanks to pinning Ohio deep, we had an interception return for a touchdown. Blocking needs to be better here and this grade can surely improve.

Coaching- B+/A-

I'm on the fence about this one. Brian Borland's defense was amazing for this game. What's keeping me from making this a solid A is that there continued to be some questionable play calling for the offense. Either way, it was a very solid effort.

Let's hope this kind of performance continues!