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Ohio Bobcats at Buffalo Bulls football recap: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Danny Wild-USA TODAY Sports

You know how this goes.

The Good

Mistake-free football. What was UB's biggest mistake today? Joe Licata missing Marcus McGill on the funky, New England Patriots-styled play in the third quarter just before the blocked field goal? The UB defense allowing Ohio to convert 3rd and 13 and then march down the field to get within 14? Ryan Williamson's late-game interception being wiped out by and Andrews Dadeboe penalty, also on 3rd and 13? Otherwise, Buffalo managed in bad, bad weather.

Four takeaways. We all know it was really five, and it could have been more thanks to a few close calls in the secondary. Buffalo turned three first-half interceptions into 17 points, effectively ending the game halfway through.

Rush defense. Ohio had 54 yards on 34 attempts, but even that number is inflated by 19 yards on the Bobcats' final two rushes, both with less than five minutes to go.

Jordan Johnson. Buffalo took the lead for good twelve minutes into the game, and led by double digits eight minutes later. It still took until the final two drives for the run-pass balance to even out. More on that in a moment, but Johnson showed he's more than capable of taking on the 1A role.

The Bad

The dead zone. I'm still somewhat unsatisfied with the run/pass balance, but the offense moved well today. Until it hit the red zone, at least, where the run/pass balance got more skewed.

In Buffalo's first two trips to the red zone, they rushed three times, passed once, and scored two touchdowns. In their final three, they attempted three field goals after five passes and three rushes.

The weather. Kudos to those who stuck it out.

The early game. The defense looked overmatched during Ohio's first drive, and the offense survived their customary three and out to start, but it'd be better if that didn't happen.

The Ugly

The attendance. I know weather, and I know what the mood has been in the weeks prior to this game, but it was ugly. Not laying fault, because goodness knows this conversation's been had, but with only a weeknight game and the day after Thanksgiving left, it's most likely going to stay ugly.