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Opponent Stat Preview: Ohio Bobcats

Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

Ohio Bobcats (5-2) vs. State University of New York at Buffalo Bulls (2-4)

Ohio has found themselves in a nice situation for the year, with one more win for bowl eligibility, and only trailing BG by one game for the lead of the MAC East.

I'm going to switch up the format for this week a little bit just to keep things fresh. I will be focusing solely on Ohio's performance through the season so far, and taking a look at some of the deeper cuts of their statistics. If you want to see what Derrius Vick's average passing yards per game is, just give it a google. (It's 190.1 yards, I'll save you that search).

Opponents points off of turnovers have been non-existent:

Well, not non-existent, but opponents have only scored 3 points off of turnovers through 7 games. Ohio has conceded 2 lost fumbles and 4 interceptions, but through those 6 turnovers, opponents have only scored 3 points. That's .5 points per turnover, and that's really impressive.

How they convert 1st downs:

  • 37.8% conversion by rushing
  • 51.7% conversion by passing
  • 10.5% conversion due to penalties

That ~10% efficiency rate of 1st downs being achieved by penalties is concerning. Especially because, although this team has made progress in decreasing penalties (9.5 per game out of conference, 6.5 per game in conference), they still seem to incur penalties at the most inconvenient of times. Oh, and UB has only moved the chains due to penalties on 6.6% of all of their first downs. Damn MAC refs...

15 forced fumbles?

Granted, only 6 were lost by opponents of Ohio, but they managed to knock 15 loose over a 7 game period? Coaching staff better have super glue handy on the sidelines.

Opposing kickers are perfect:

Every field goal that has been attempted by teams that Ohio has played has been made. YOU HEAR THAT MITCHESON? Using this logic, I want us kicking from our own 25 if we manage to go 3 & out.

Scoring dips in the 3rd, and strong defensive starts:

Just under 7% of all of Ohio's points have come in the third quarter. Not sure if their halftime festivities include a zen garden, but it sure seems that way. On the other hand, Ohio's opponents have only scored 4.2% of their total points in the first quarter. Not expecting UB to come out with a fast start due to that.