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2018-19 Buffalo Men’s Basketball previews: Ronaldo Segu

Last time we wrote a newcomer preview we wrote about Jeenathan Williams, an exciting four-star recruit that will don the blue and white this season. Today we get to do it again with Ronaldo Segu.

“Rondo” is just more proof that Nate Oats and his recruiting hotshot staffer Bryan Hodgson are the real deal. Just like Williams, there usually isn’t a reason for a kid of this talent to consider a mid-major, but here we are, and it’s serving as a testament that the program is at a completely different level than five years ago.

From Yahoo Sports:

You have offers or interest from more than 20 schools right now. Which programs do you feel are saying to you Rondo, you’re our guy?

Buffalo and USF. Buffalo texts me at least three times a week, they hit me up all the time. Their assistant Bryan Hodgson that’s who texts me most of the time. They’re saying that I can be their next point guard.

Before we begin, I’d like to add that you can find the most on the internet about this guy more than any other UB recruit in the past five years combined. It’s not an exaggeration—he blew up the mixtape/highlight-reel scene during his recruitment and somehow has over 100,000 Instagram followers.

Number: 10

Year: Freshman

Position: Guard

Hometown: Orlando, FL

High School: Orlando Christian Prep

Height: 6-0

Before UB

It’s hard to find specific stats from high school, but that’s probably just because a quick Google search will turn up a thousand different highlight reels. Segu went to Orlando Christian Prep and led his team to a state championship at the end of his senior season. Like Brock Bertram in his Apple Valley days, Segu’s played with 5-star talent before in the form of North Carolina freshman Nassir Little.

Although he didn’t perform as well as he hoped in AAU, Segu still garnered a ton of interest from Power 5 schools like Louisville, Texas, and Florida State—with an offer from the latter. He also had offers from VCU, UCF, and USF, among other major and mid-major programs.

Further Viewing (I’m just going to bombard you with highlights)

2018-19 Outlook

The only thing scouts were worried about was how his skills would transfer to Division I, but I think he’s going to be just fine, especially under Nate Oats’ system. Rondo is an amazing pass-first point guard and the duo of him and Jayvon Graves is going to wreck the MAC for years to come. Even in this senior-filled UB roster, I think he’s going to do a lot of damage, especially when UB wants to play small ball and throw another one of their smaller guys — think Dontay Caruthers — at the two.

Crazy how I get to say a freshman can make an impact on such an already-loaded squad.