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Buffalo Bulls Men's Basketball 80, Eastern Michigan Eagles 70: Takeaways from an impressive comeback win

Mark Dolejs-USA TODAY Sports

Down 15 early in the game it looked like Rob Murphy and EMU were on their way their second blowout win over UB this season. But, the Bulls maintained their composure and clawed their way back into the game until late in the second half where they overtook EMU for good.

Tim's Takes

As usual my takeaways will be far less technical than you will get from the other guys.

Nate Oats has put together a very special group of players. Down 15 points early they never rushed sloppy shots or tried to bully their way back into the game. The composed Bulls chipped away until it was a one possession game several times and despite EMU answering those challenges UB just kept relentlessly pressuring EMU until the Depth of UB prevailed.

It takes good players who believes in their coach to be down 10 or 15 points and to play as if they have a lead. Well done!

Player of the game: Rodell Wigginton

Had some trouble from the floor, 3-8, but did a great job drawing fouls and was a perfect 6-6 from the free throw line. To his 12 points he added 8 rebounds.

Robby's Takes

1. I hope we're done playing EMU this year.

They have a tough gritty zone that we don't matchup well with. We got a bad travel call in our favor on Raven Lee and they were in foul trouble. If it wasn't for that we would probably only squeak by in this one. I give the team credit for clawing their way back in this but man can EMU make things ugly for us.

2. We have to start games more consistently.

Compared to the problems that we saw early in the season (See: AAU style iso-basketball), this isn't as big of a problem. Unfortunately, we can't afford to go down 18-3 and expect to win the game. It's cool that were able to do the reverse on the road against NIU, but I would rather see us up or down by five consistently at the U15 mark.

3. The case for Rodell Wigginton

Throughout this season there has been so much dislike for this guy. I honestly can't reason with it. The guy flirted with a double-double yesterday and he's shooting 48.5% on the season. He hit every free throw yesterday and pulled down rebounds that could've went either way. Add in his great perimeter defense and his athleticism to that as well.

Player of the game: already know