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Buffalo Bulls Men's Basketball vs Kent State Golden Flashes: Tiebreakers, MAC Tournament seeding taking shape for UB

It's actually a little surprising to me that we didn't already have this image in our library

Three games to go, and this is looking mighty similar to last year for UB Men's Hoops fans.

It doesn't get much better for UB's hopes at a bye to Cleveland than Bowling Green 87, Ohio 82 coupled with Buffalo's tiebreaker-clinching win over Kent State this evening. Miami over Akron is nice, but part of me doesn't want to bring UB's 0-2 head to head record against the Zips into a multi-team breaker.

Anyway, the current standings as Toledo works down a late lead on Ball State (also good for UB):

1 Akron 10-5 Buffalo Ohio Kent Ball
2 Ohio 9-6 4-1 HHHH 1-0 1-1 2-0
3 Buffalo 9-6 3-1 HHHH 0-1 2-0 1-0
4 Kent State 9-6 2-3 HHHH 0-2 1-1 1-0
5 Ball State 9-6 0-4 HHHH 0-1 0-2 0-1
6 Central Michigan 8-7 1-0 HH UT
7 Toledo 8-7 0-1 HH CMU
8 Northern Illinois 7-8 1-0 HH EMU
9 Eastern Michigan 7-8 0-1 HH NIU
10 Bowling Green 5-10 2-0 vs Ohio
11 Western Michigan 5-10 0-1 vs Ohio
12 Miami 4-11

It becomes very clear how important this game was, and how important the coming weekend is. The first part of that sentence: 11 wins pretty much guarantees UB a bye to Cleveland thanks to their head to head tiebreakers over not just Kent and Ball State, but also CMU. The second part of that sentence: A win over Ohio Saturday gives the Bulls control over their own destiny for the #2 spot.

Akron is likely out of reach: a head to head tie doesn't work, and a multiple way tie likely includes not just an 0-2 record against the Zips but 1-1 against Ohio. But after Ohio UB's got Miami and Bowling Green. They can both cement themselves as a favorite for #2 with a win or still have breathing room for a top-four spot even with a loss.

Other games of note for Saturday:

EMU at Ball State: EMU. I suppose, but a Ball State win wouldn't be awful. On one hand we don't want the Cardinals to pass UB, but with a 1-0 head to head mark winning a tiebreaker with them and helping out a multiple team tiebreaker, Ball State's not really a threat.

Kent at Miami: Kent. I'm looking down the road here to a possible tie with Ohio. We'd want a third team in the mix there to keep a 1-1 record against the Bobcats from going to record against top seed Akron. Kent, 0-2 against UB but 1-1 against Ohio, is that team.

Central Michigan at Toledo: CMU. Not terrifically important, but these two could still catch UB if things go sour, and 1-0 vs CMU is better than 1-1 vs Toledo.

Bowling Green at Akron: Akron. Only a few closing scenarios (UB 3-0, Akron 1-2; UB 2-1, Akron 0-3) actually pass the Zips outright, and we do not want Buffalo's 0-2 record factoring in to a multiple team tie at 11-7. Best to root for the Zips to stay out of it and the better chance UB gets the opposite side of the bracket at #2