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(Basket) Bulls and Beers podcast: The men's first month

Bulls and Beers can't be killed by the end of football season. We're keeping our late Monday time slot to talk basketball weekly through March, starting tonight immediately after the Iowa State game goes final. And I do mean immediately.

We'll be doing shows every week, but alternating week-to-week between the Men's and Women's teams; if we tried to both each week, the ladies would get short shrifted. Tonight, we're not only talking the Iowa State game, but also UB's other early-season performances: losses to Duke, St. Bonaventure, Old Dominion, and St. Joseph's, and wins over Pitt-Bradford, North Carolina A&T, Vermont, and Canisius.

Feel free to leave either questions or comments in the comments below now or during the show. See you after the game!