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Buffalo Bulls Men's Basketball Preview: Sophomore guard Christian Pino

UB Athletics

Thanks to basketball numbering rules, it's been a week since our countdown preview hit Raheem Johnson, and even after today we've only got four (Men's) players in the next two weeks before we hit single digits and daily posts.

The Basics

Number: 24
Year: Sophomore 
Position: Guard
Hometown: Detroit, MI
Height and Weight: 5-7, 145

New Guy?


UB Career

A non-scholarship player in Buffalo, Pino spent a year without Nate Oats at .... Arizona State... before returning to his high school coach here in Buffalo. As a freshman he saw limited time as the near-end of a short bench, especially after Mory Diane was ruled ineligible for much of the year. He scored four points on the season and registered an assist.

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2015-16 Outlook

Lots of new faces this year for UB, but I can't imagine Pino having an expanded role from his occasional minutes last season. I'm sure that we'll still see the fan favorite here and there (and celebrate appropriately in the game threads)