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BRuWPeG 2022... You cannot stop the BRuW

We may not be long for this platform, but darn it if I go out doing anything it will be winning a BRuWPeG!... And don’t worry, when SBNation makes me turn out the lights we’re going to host this somewhere else to finish out the year, so let’s do it.

Pick the score of the upcoming game, points are awarded for

  • Picking the winner
  • Picking the overall score
  • Picking the margin
  • Picking each team's individual score

Last year we used the highest-rated comment, can’t do that this year because after September we’ll be somewhere else. So for now I will handle ties, as they come up, by picking the comment with the most accurate and interesting insight into how the game plays out (very subjective).

So let’s get this going, can the Bulls get their second win this decade against B1G team? If so by how much?