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Preseason Profile Pershaun Fann

In 12 days football is back. Bull Run aims to take a peek at every player on this year’s roster so that when the season starts we have one of the more informed fan bases in the nation.

Pershaun Fann is a specialized nickel back who played linebacker for Colquitt High School in Georgia. He was n All-Region First Team talent who racked up had 64 tackles, three sacks and two interceptions his senior season.

He picked Buffalo over a slew of offers from other programs including Marshall and Charlotte.

UB had a lot of portal talent come in this year, so it’s safe to assume this will mostly be a development year for Fann, but given the nature of defenses Buffalo is running under Linguist there is a big role to be played, sooner or later, for someone with Fann’s skillset.