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Preseason Profile Wyatt Molinich

In 44 days football is back. Bull Run aims to take a peek at every player on this year’s roster so that when the season starts we have one of the more informed fan bases in the nation.

Wyatt Molinich is continuing a family tradition at UB which started back when his brother Glynn committed to Buffalo back in 2013. Glynn came to Buffalo as a tight end but converted to full back in his later years and is now the athletic director at the Western New York Maritime-Health Sciences academy.

His other big brother, Jake, just graduated after being a staple on the end of the offensive line for some of UB’s best seasons ever.

Now Wyatt, a walk-on, has thus far only played with the Buffalo scout team and that may be what he’s doing this season as well. Buffalo lost Jake, and there is an opening on the depth chart so perhaps Wyatt can make the field this season.