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Buffalo Bulls Preseason Profile : Zander Heim

In 86 days football is back. Bull Run aims to take a peek at every player on this year’s roster so that when the season starts we have the move informed fan base in the nation.

Zander Heim has bounced around a bit. Not only did he take a route that went from Atlantic high school in Delray Beach to Keiser University to Buffalo. He’s also gone from Offensive line at Keiser, to Defensive line under Leipold at Buffalo, then over to tight end under Coach Linguist.

In his first year on campus, Heim worked as a defensive lineman with the scout team before getting, in 2020 he did play against Akron, again on the line.

Last season Coach Linguist moved Heim over to tight end to help fill depth and Zander again helped the team by working on the scout squad to prepare for games.

Trevor Borland has the inside track to UB’s starting tight end role and there is a log jam behind him. Heim is probably not a guy that’s going to see the field a lot this season, but it’s possible that if a game gets out of hand (one way or the other) that Zander will get some minutes with the offense.