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Bulls easily down Wagner to kick off the Linguist Era

The moment Kyle Vantrease his Jovany Ruiz for a 58 yards score the game was over. Buffalo’s FCS guest was outclassed in every aspect of the game, managing just 18 rushing yards on 35 attempts and totaled less then 100 yards from scrimmage.

Wagner took their first possession one yard, and then punted only 11 to set UB up inside of the 25 yard line. Four runs from Kevin Marks later and UB upped their lead to 14-0 just three and a half minutes into the game.

It didn’t get any better for the Seahawks. Drive after drive not getting to mid field, punting, followed by a Buffalo scoring drive.

  • Vantrease to Ruiz - touchdown
  • Marks - touchdown
  • Ron Cook - touchdown
  • Jake Molinich - touchdown
  • Dylan McDuffy - touchdown
  • Alex McNulty - 35 yard field goal

And that’s just the first half.

Basically what UB wanted to do, it did, and there was nothing Wagern’s defense could do to slow the Bulls down, outside of an interception that was called back because of roughing the passer.

Eventually UB went to the bench and things slowed down. But even when the Bulls were having their backup quarterback (Matt Myers) handing off to their fourth running back (Mike Washington) the Bulls pretty much did what they wanted.

Wager’s.... Not very good. So don’t take too much from the 69-7 blowout Buffalo put on them.

Here is what may be some solid takeaways.

  • Everyone knew their place in the system, I saw no confusion from any player on the field about where they needed to be and what their job was. That’s impressive for a coaching staff that’s had less than three months to communicate their system.
  • The two minute drill looked nice, clean, and aggressive. I don’t know if I saw a drive like that in all the Leipold years. What remains to be seen is how that holds up against teams in the MAC.

Next weeks game against Nebraska is going to be a much more fair measure of how together this team is. The talent at Nebraska is not only much better than Wagner, but also probably better and deeper than Buffalo.

UB will need to play a clean game to beat them, even a bad Big Ten team can be a challenge.