How Alabama became an SEC powerhouse overnight on its way to possibly changing college basketball


What Nate Oats has done at Alabama: "The concept is not novel, though it is still fairly progressive at the college level: shoot almost exclusively either 3-pointers or at-the-rim 2-pointers. Bama bombs away from anywhere on the court when it comes to the 3-point shot, but it is avoiding mid-range shots like the plague. Alabama operates like an NBA team in a college world and has separated itself philosophically in the process. The Tide's focus is on dashing in dunks, layups, put-backs and bunnies to buttress its 3-point attack. This combines two of the most efficient shots in the sport to account for nearly 85% of the team's total shots. That tiny remaining slice of pie is reserved for non-layups and non-3-pointers."

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