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MAC Power Rankings

NCAA Football: Kent State at Maryland Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports
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1 Kent State 7 6 Have to hand it to Kent State, they repped the East well and after a slow start to season they are well positioned for a trip to Detroit.
2 Northern Illinois 1 -1 NIU has been living dangerously for a few weeks, this week they were not able overcome the situation and instead of a huge two game lead on the west they are down to one.
3 Central Michigan 5 2 CMU is a missed field goal away from being in front of the MAC west. But that big win over Western MIchigan is huge in getting them to a Bowl this year.
4 Eastern Michigan 6 2 The Eagles become just the second Bowl eligible team in the conference. Just a very solid season for a squad that finishes the season against CMU and WMU.
5 Toledo 2 -3 While this win mean Toledo is almost certainly not going to win the West, they have Akron, Bowling Green, and Ohio left. Winning two and going Bowling is very doable.
6 Western MIchigan 3 -3 The run defense let Western Michigan down, as they missed an opportunity to gain on NIU.
7 Ball State 4 -3 You won, but you fall three points because you almost lost to Akron, a team playing so poorly their coach was on his way out the door.
8 Miami 8 0 Miami managed a furious comeback against Ohio, but could not just manage to close the deal as Ohio wins the Battle of the Bricks.
9 Bowling Green 10 1 Bowling Greens defense played a terrible game. Thankfully for them Buffalo's defense was worse.
10 Ohio 11 1 If you're an interim coach who wants to keep his job, winning the battle of the Bricks helps.
11 Buffalo 9 -2 Buffalo finishes their season facing three teams in the midst of divisional crown hunts, and they need to win two of those if they want to Bowl.
12 Akron 12 0 The good news is that head coach Oscar Rodriguez Jr. is undefeated as the head coach of Akron.