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MAC Power Rankings - Chips on top, Bulls find the cellar

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: SEP 04 Central Michigan at Missouri Photo by Scott Winters/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images
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1 Central Michigan 3 2 CMU's last second field goal miss against NIU is looming large as we enter the last two weeks of the season. They need a lot of help in the last two weeks to overcome a possible tie.
2 Northern Illinois 2 0 Huge comeback win for NIU, instead of being tied with CMU and having the entire west nipping at their heels they have a comfortable lead heading into Buffalo.
3 Toledo 5 2 Not really a battle of I-75, and more a slaughter of I-75. The Rockets are far lower in the standings then they want to be, but they are likely bowl bound.
4 Kent State 1 -3 Hard loss for Kent, Along with Miami smacking UB around they now enter the last two weeks tied for the lead in the East. That last game of the year, Kent v Miami is starting to look big.
5 Miami 8 3 Miami humiliated Buffalo in every possible way. The 45-18 score is not even close to showing how lopsided that contest was, they are peaking at the right time.
6 Western MIchigan 6 0 The won, and Akron is not as terrible as they were a few weeks ago, but it's still not enough to move them up.
7 Eastern Michigan 4 -3 EMU's loss pretty much takes them out of the race for the West, on the plus side they are set to bowl thing year.
8 Ball State 7 -1 Ball State has to do a little work to get that sixth win. They lost the Bronze stalk and now need to beat either CMU or ... Buffalo to bowl. On second thought, they're fine.
9 Ohio 10 1 Ohio's interim staff is making a real case for another season next year. The Bobcats started terribly, and then started to play well, and are now winning.
10 Bowling Green 9 -1 Big loss and a step back for a program that was moving in the right direction.
11 Akron 12 1 The Zips are dealing about as well as you can with the chaos of a mid season coach sacking. Taking WMU to the wire is clear progress.
12 Buffalo 11 -1 Early this season Buffalo looked like they could play with anyone in the MAC. Not win, mind you, but play well against. Now the Bulls have regressed to a point not seen at UB for years.