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Buffalo Recruiting Roundup

Week 5 Recruiting Update

Welcome back to the recruiting roundup. This week the Bulls host Western Michigan to start MAC Play. There was a lot of movement in the 2023 class which we will get into. I want to talk a little about the transfer portal today. As most have noticed there have been an increased amount of players entering the transfer portal mid-season. I see a lot of comments about how a team should never take a player who enters the transfer portal mid season because he is quitting on his team. I want to say that as college football fans we should hold off on judgement on any player who enters the transfer portal, each player is their own person and has to make the decision that is best for themselves. We don't know all the details, it could be coaching staff related, family related, or playing time related but who are we to judge. We should expect our staff to evaluate each player and make the decision that is best for the Buffalo Football Program. Coach Mo is an extremely high character individual, we should have no reason to believe that will show in who he recruits. With that being said I think Buffalo has a huge opportunity in the transfer portal to continue to improve the talent level of this team. Just this week there are 3 potential targets by the staff that have entered the transfer portal. 1) Kalon Gervin (DB - MSU). Former 4 star recruit with 2 years left to play starting in 2022. He was recruited by Coach Mo when Coach Mo was at Minnesota so there is a relationship there. The secondary loses some talent next season, it would make sense the staff tries to replace some of it with a transfer. 2) Jeremiah Payton (WR - Miami) Another former 4 star recruit with potentially 3 years to play. Not much production in his time at Miami but could definitely help a Buffalo receiving core that is in dire need of some speed. 3) John Paul Flores (OT - Dartmouth) This is an interesting one, a Ivy transfer with 2 years to play. JPF is 6-5 295 and he started every game at OT in 2019. Coach Stansfield and Coach Daniels both follow him on twitter as well.

Visits Update: With another home game this week, there are some potential Bulls coming. I am told CJ Wesley, who was offered on 9/29, will be coming in from New Jersey. Additionally another New Jersey recruit Caron McNair will be joining CJ at the game. I am told the staff is high on both players.

2022 Update: The only 2022 addition here is CJ Wesley who I touched on above. CJ is a LB from New Jersey. He plays fast and cover a ton of ground. Watching his film he definitely fits the mold for the type of player that would succeed in the new UB defense. He can play in coverage but also support in the run. According to his twitter is looks like he has offers from Toledo, Bryant, and Howard. The offer list to LB’s is definitely growing in the 22 class showing the staff sees there is a need there.

2023 Update: Big week for 2023 offers. Joining the 2023 big board we have Ezell Jolly (RB), Tory Johnson Jr. (WR), Mychal McMullin (DT), Leon Griffin III (ATH), Taylor Davis (ATH). The most recruited player of this group is going to be Tory Johnson (ATH) he is a 3 star player out of Virginia. The staff likely saw him in person last week when doing visits around the Old Dominon area. Tory holds offers from Pitt, Maryland, Virginia, and West Virginia. Additionally Ezell Jolly (RB) from Texas holds offers from Baylor and Colorado. Ezell is also teammates with Taylor Davis (ATH). For Taylor Davis Buffalo is his first offer. This could be a nice package deal for the Bulls if they are able to land both recruits. Leon Griffin (ATH) is another impressive player player from Virginia. I would believe the staff also saw Leon in person last week as they were out in Virginia. He holds an offer from Old Dominion. Lastly is Mychal McMullin (DT). He is another Virginia recruit and holds offers from Old Dominion and Liberty.

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