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Day 5 : Still No Coach

We were a bit spoiled last time. Nate Oats was the obvious heir apparent and Danny White is one of the more decisive Athletic Directors I’ve ever seen.

Those two thing meant that Oats was hired at lightning speed as the guy who would take over for Bobby Hurley within 48 hours.

We at Bull Run had hardly got together a list of potential replacements for publication before the announcement was made.

I had assumed this was a similar situation. To me Hodgson was the obvious replacement to Oats. He was young, full of energy, had been in the program for four years, and did a great job with recruiting.

To top it all off the guy was a local. Being local does not matter to me but there are some people who would love the chance.

There have also been rumors that the moneyed donors to the program also were pushing for Hodgson behind the scenes. Finally there was a Buffalo News article that Hodgson wanted the job.

But here we are, day five, and over the weekend this popped up

There on the end is the guy I was hoping would be giving a press conference in Blue and White right about now. He’s in Florida with his friend / boss on a recruiting trip wearing Crimson.

Nate Oats said very clearly that he plans to bring his assistant to Alabama if he is not hired as Buffalo’s coach. The two are very close and Alabama would pay Hodgson somewhere in the neighborhood of 300K a year to be an assistant down on his Oats’ staff.

I can’t imagine we go too much longer without a coach hire but at this point I’m worried that Alnutt is going to look outside the program. We have a nice little coach factory set up in Buffalo and a system in place which is both effective and fun to watch.

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