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Latest Bracketology

NCAA Womens Basketball: NCAA Tournament-Albany Regional-Buffalo vs South Carolina Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

We spend a lot of time here talking about the Mens team but don’t sleep on the UB women this postseason.

While the Men are the heavy favorites to win a MAC title, it’s almost a given that they will get an at large bid if they trip up in Cleveland. It would be the schools first ever at large bid in Mens basketball.

But the women did it last year and in what could have easily been a rebuilding year they seem primed to do it again.

The latest ESPN womens brackotolgy has the Women as an 11 seed, at large. If that holds true they could end up playing the first round in Syracuse, New York.

Now the women are a bubble team so them getting into the tournament, without winning the MAC, requires a win or two in Cleveland and maybe some help.

The Ladies likely opponents will be Kent and then CMU before the finals. That’s a really hard draw.

The Men are pretty much a lock at this point no matter what happens in Cleveland. Another MAC tournament trophy would look nice in Alumni, to be sure, but regardless of what happens UB will be in the NCAA tournament.

The question is where...

Right now UB is slated as an 6 seed, and that’s assuming they win the tournament

Ideally I’d like to see UB as a 4/5 seed, the rout to the sweet 16 is a bit less treacherous, but 6 is not awful.

So while a trip to the dance is seemingly set, UB has a lot to play for in Cleveland. If a few of the “5’s” trip up in their conference tournament and UB can roll strong they may get a better draw.